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 MATSAN Internal and External Trade. Med Industry Inc.Gebze Pelitliköyü Dostlar Aveneu. No.40 production with the latest technology with 3.200 m² land area of ​​13,000 m² in 40 addresses in 27 countries capable of exporting Aerosol, and COSMETIC SOLUTIONS is a company which continues to operate in the industry. For over 40 years, the industry continued to operate in sectors where it found one of the leading and well-established companies.  

 MATSAN Internal and External Trade. Med Industry Inc. domestic sales and distribution of products produced by the Consumer Products Ltd. NETP It is performed by STI. Daily production and filling capacity is 100,000 pieces. Our company is exemplary in this field to meet the employment of women and 80% of its production capacity.    necessary permits and approvals from government ministries and agencies related to the production and sale of our company is available      

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